I always live happily

(Interview with alumni Nguyen Duc Tho- F&B class- Batch 15)

Q: What jobs had you done before studying at REACH?

A: Hi, I’m Tho. I was born in 1990. My parents have 4 children and I’m their second child. Like my parents, I’m the breadwinner of my family. I dropped out of school at grade 9. I had to help my mom earn money by selling burning coal and looking after customer’s vehicles at some restaurants. Life was so hard then that I even didn’t imagine of going back to school.

Q: What did you learn at REACH?

The first thing I’ve learned here is how to live happily. For such a long time, the only issue I cared was how to earn money to support my mom and our family. Really, I felt that I was cared and respected. I studied at F&B class. I’m enthusiastic about my career but it took me three application times to be employed. (I am lack of height indeed.)

Q: How is your present life?

Now I’m working as a bartender at Lien Thai Binh Duong Company and Es restaurant at Trang Tien Plaza. I am often teased as a “job-greedy person” for taking 2 jobs at the same time. But I find no exhaust in doing my favorite things. I get satisfying salary. I’m quite confident at work and in life. I love bringing happiness to people so I often take part in musical and exchange activities of the alumni club. I feel really happy when I help create laughs in these events.



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