Monthly Archives: May 2017

Keep walking on our way!

I was born in a poor rural area. People in my hometown merely live on doing agriculture. We have 4 sisters and I am the second daughter. I quit school at grade 9. All my peers could complete their high school or even follow higher education. My sisters and I couldn’t continue our schooling because […]

A good mirror and a friend

In our modern life, life stories are so variable. Here and there, people are born in abundant richness. In contrast, there are people who are born in mediocre poverty. But it’s normal in this developing world, isn’t it? The matter is, there are people who can get over their unlucky fates. The mirror I’m telling […]

Coming late for the meeting!

After such a time span, alumni members finally came. They were 15 minutes late. The first sounds heard were laughs and apologies “Have you been waiting for us? I’m so sorry that I’m late.” I’ve got used to this. There are many reasons to run late. I’m neither sad nor angry but really happy when […]

The fulfilled happiness

(Shared by Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen- Alumni Club Coordinator) Hi all, Don’t know why but I just feel that I’m loving you more. I love your enthusiasm sparkling on your face. I love all last 2 months, all starving days because of coming home too late and the nickname “Old lady” you gave me. Honestly, […]