The fulfilled happiness

(Shared by Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen- Alumni Club Coordinator)

Hi all,

Don’t know why but I just feel that I’m loving you more. I love your enthusiasm sparkling on your face. I love all last 2 months, all starving days because of coming home too late and the nickname “Old lady” you gave me. Honestly, I think that I’m old indeed, but I find the nickname oddly cute. Who knows, it might be sort of reason for me to…

God did challenge us! On the day May, 15th, the violent hurricane abruptly came. All team were sleepless reassuring ourselves in minds that “just a summer rain, it will stop soon.” It seemed that all the exhaust we had got over with our enthusiasm touched God. All the worrying, heavy raindrops were wiped away.

8 a.m., I rushed to Dung’s to get canvas without wearing raincoat. I did it intentionally, just to confirm with myself that “this kind of rain can’t stop us from running our program.” And the happiness burst out when I saw the first rays of light coming far from the horizons. I decided to call Hoa, asked her to get at office to cheer up the team’s spirit. Thought we were exhausted after all long busy day, alumni team won the tugging game. Marvelous!

In the evening, we received a message saying “My guitar is broken because of the rain.” All team was scattered one more time because of the shocking news. “This shocks too much”, someone complained. The musical program therefore was delayed for 40 minutes. Never mind, because we could apologize to our audience. In the end, the entire scheduled program was completed, nothing was cut off. It was completed so brilliantly in fact that everyone forgot about time

Anyway, I won’t have to suffer from all day long starving as today. I didn’t eat nothing but a barbeque stick you gave me in the evening.

Can I call it a fulfilled happiness?



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