Coming late for the meeting!

After such a time span, alumni members finally came. They were 15 minutes late. The first sounds heard were laughs and apologies “Have you been waiting for us? I’m so sorry that I’m late.” I’ve got used to this. There are many reasons to run late. I’m neither sad nor angry but really happy when i hear them laughing and talking. I’m happy that they’re still willing to spend time on the meeting of this new established club.

The meeting began when the chairman of the club raised major issues to discuss. They needed to reach agreement. I listened to them attentively. Observing them working, I abruptly felt like I was working with my real colleagues. They were so attentive, enthusiastic and professional.

Notwithstanding that their achievements can’t outnumber challenges ahead; they have brought lots of delights. They wake up their bravery, confidence and enthusiasm to move on. The achievement so far has shown them that they have been on the right track.

Coming late means staying late. But every meeting still ends with serenity of laughs and smiles. See you in next meeting!

Bùi Liên – Alumni Club Coordinator


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