A good mirror and a friend

In our modern life, life stories are so variable. Here and there, people are born in abundant richness. In contrast, there are people who are born in mediocre poverty. But it’s normal in this developing world, isn’t it? The matter is, there are people who can get over their unlucky fates. The mirror I’m telling you is Dap- one extraordinary strong-will person and our successful alumni.Self-awareness-644x426

Dap was born into a poverty-stricken family in Hoang Hoa, Thanh Hoa. It might be his heroic and beautiful hometown together with his family and neighborhood that helped him nurtured his strong will to overcome challenges in life. He had a tougher childhood than his peers. Every day, he had to study and assist his parents with walking buffalo, burdening soil and making bricks. Those things were strange to a child at his age.

People in his village were so moved when they saw him standing on the back of the buffalo, reading a book. He always tries to learn however hard it could be for his family to get by. Doing agriculture on low-productive land as their major earning income source, his family could merely make both ends meet. They continued suffer from poverty till he finished his high school. Being aware of the responsibility with his family, he didn’t take the entrance exam to university but migrated to the prosperous capital- Hanoi.

He did various things: bestboy at construction site, waiter in beer restaurant; he even earned money as a street vendor which might be considered the lowest money-earning work in Hanoi. The weather and policemen even made it harder. His life seemed to get worse. One hot summer day, when he was selling things on street, he saw a piece of paper. He picked it up and read it. It was a leaflet of REACH. Maybe, it was the moment he read it that changed his life. He pursued a course at REACH. After graduating from the course, he got a job with good salary.

Nguyễn Văn Đáp – Alumni, IT Class Batch 18


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