Keep walking on our way!

I was born in a poor rural area. People in my hometown merely live on doing agriculture. We have 4 sisters and I am the second daughter. I quit school at grade 9. All my peers could complete their high school or even follow higher education. My sisters and I couldn’t continue our schooling because of the old traditional thinking that value men above women.

At the age of 15, I was so desperate to live separately from my family and friends and moved to a strange place to work. My very first job was to work at a traditional craft village at Van Phuc village. My uncle told me about it. However, I decided to stop after 1 year. I ran forth and back to seek for a new job. But it was so hard for an under-age and poorly-educated girl like me to get one. Back then, I had no idea about my future.

When I heard from a friend about REACH, I was so happy. He took me to the center to apply for a course. Though I was 23 and had experienced the hardness of life earlier, I felt so delighted and warm thinking that I could be back to school again.

Now, I am a bartender at a café in TràngTiền Plaza and another Bar near my rented room. Despite having 2 jobs, I still manage time to join Alumni club. I want to give a hand to help as many people as possible. I want to master my own life.

Now I’m completely confident to sit as a team leader of the alumni club. I’ve found the meaning of joining in the club. I understand my role, discover and take the best use of my abilities to better my personal image and Alumni club. I will keep walking on the way he previous alumni members have stepped on. We will develop the activities of the club for youth at REACH.

Nguyễn Thị Hoàn – ALUMNI, F&B Batch 16




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