Monthly Archives: June 2017

Walk for Victims of Agent Orange

10p.m, I arrived home after a tiring day. When I went online to read the newspapers I read an article saying: “Day for Agent Orange Victims August 10th “. Reading the article and thinking about today, I have realized one thing that I am luckier than many other people. The war ended over 30 years […]

A birthday party

Every first Friday of the month I usually go to the meeting of the Reach Alumni Club. At our meetings we ask and share many things together. Besides my fellow students from REACH we also have Miss. Trang from Plan at our meetings as well as in all the activities of the Club. At our […]

The good thing!

This was the 6th time I’d been back to our center as a guest lecturer. Without the anxiety of the first time, I felt completely comfortable before many friendly and admiring eyes. I remembered occasions when graduates came to share with us their experiences, knowledge on products and many other valuable advice and information connected […]

Share the happiness

Phú is now working in the only iPhone store in Đà Nẵng. He was so skilled in instructing us functions of different versions. Listening to his interesting sale, I almost wanted to abandon my loyal HTC phone. Phú has never had any basic training on sales. He was employed due to his through understanding of […]