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Phú is now working in the only iPhone store in Đà Nẵng. He was so skilled in instructing us functions of different versions. Listening to his interesting sale, I almost wanted to abandon my loyal HTC phone.

Phú has never had any basic training on sales. He was employed due to his through understanding of technology. To sell an iPhone, the seller not only needs to be ear-catching but also able to install software’s for the phone as well as to fix common errors. He has accumulated his own knowledge source through another job he’s still working- web designing.

In 2002,  his family’s house-land was under the land clearance project of the government. “It was a gloomy year”, he remembered. Though his father was continuously sick, he still had to work as a motorbike taxi-driver to bring his 2 siblings and him up and continue their schooling. After finishing high school, he didn’t dream of university at all. He got part-time job at restaurant and Internet café. Even working for 16 hours per day at times, he could earn only around 800.000 vnd.

Luckily, a ray of light appeared at the end of his life tunnel when he found REACH (known as LABS back then.) It was a free vocational training for disadvantaged youth lasting for 3 months. The 3 month course could only gave him basic knowledge. However, he also trained life skills, English and participated in outdoor activities.

Now, apart from working at the iPhone store, Phu has a web design job in the evening. Building his own business network by his personal prestige and efforts, he receives many orders overseas, especially from American web-designing companies.

His parents don’t work any longer but his brother and sister are still going to school.

“I yearn for success. I yearn for better life. To achieve my desires, I know I need an occupation as my core foundation. Thanks REACH for helping me founding the base. Once I have gathered enough experiences and networking works, I will establish my own designing office. With effective marketing tools and long-term strategy, I believe in my coming success!”  said Phu enthusiastically.

Phạm Hùng Phú – President of Alumni Club in REACH Da Nang.




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