The good thing!

This was the 6th time I’d been back to our center as a guest lecturer. Without the anxiety of the first time, I felt completely comfortable before many friendly and admiring eyes. I remembered occasions when graduates came to share with us their experiences, knowledge on products and many other valuable advice and information connected with our jobs after the course

I told the students about electronic products and customer groups. Since my very first days at work, I was selected for this sector- the major sector in every supermarket. Modern and challenging working environment is really attractive and forces people to be more active.

After 6 months of making efforts endlessly, I was promoted to Audio team leader. The long 6 months were worth investing for being selected in a competitive environment. The happy of that achievement urged me to improve myself.

Coming back to assist the center is my desires. It’s similar for other graduates. Coming back means seeing facilitators and the image of ourselves before at class, realizing that we have grown up and that life is so valuable.

After having been Audio team leader for more than 1 year, I was promoted to Chief Manager of electronic products sector. It is huge but on my in-mind track. I’m in the recruitment committee now which means I have more opportunities to support REACH.863c9f7df54e1f52_tumblr_lbtqk9ypvy1qblnffo1_500_large

“I know, it’s rare to be selected as the chief manager of the electronic sector with only the high school qualification in hands. I appreciate precious things you have done for me. I’ve built a good foundation, I will study to fulfill my dreams” –  Thảo said.

Hà Phương Thảo – Alumni, S&M class Batch14.


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