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Recruiting 20 disadvantaged young women in Vietnam for vocational training

You will be pleased to know that our recruitment activities are going well and we already have over 80 students who have applied to commence studying at REACH in Hanoi on 5 December 2012. Among these are 20 disadvantaged young women who will have gained a place in the REACH vocational training program because of […]

Helping 20 disadvataged young women in Vietnam get jobs – an update

We are making great progress at REACH implementing our project to help 20 disadvantaged young women in Vietnam get a job. During November 2012 we have been carrying out student recruitment activities across Hanoi and surrounding districts, including on-line advertising, press advertisements, publicising REACH courses through social media, visits to local Communes, current and past […]

Global Giving Challenge Results

In September REACH participated in the Global Giving* Open Challenge to raise $10,000 to help 20 disadvantaged young women in Vietnam get jobs. This campaign was aimed at improving the lives of 20 disadvantaged women in Vietnam, including women who are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, women who have been the victims of trafficking […]

Mid Campaign Update

Already halfway through the campaign! We have been we have been fairly busy: Supporting our network of 17 REACH champions and encouraging them to send request emails to their contacts Encouraging our supporters to like us on facebook and share our Global Giving project on Facebook – 230+ shares to date! Sending thank you emails […]

The Campaign Has Begun!

After a long holiday weekend here in Vietnam, our campaign is off to a great start! Just five days into the month of September, we have now raised over $2,000! We are so excited to see so much support for our project, and we hope to keep the momentum going. Thank you so much to […]

My blue sky

My Dad was a construction architect and his job provided us with a comfortable life. My family’s life just went on quietly. Until one day, one day that no one ever wanted. My Mom had a motorcycle accident. Both my paternal and maternal families as well as my Dad ran in vain to find ways […]

Beloved Father

Dedicated to those who still have their fathers, who lost their fathers, who are living near and far from their fathers   Whirling sky, land and my broken heart When hearing you passed away Leaving me here in this spacious world Lonely wandering in the cover of dark. In a moment, memories rush in Beloved […]