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I always live happily

(Interview with alumni Nguyen Duc Tho- F&B class- Batch 15) Q: What jobs had you done before studying at REACH? A: Hi, I’m Tho. I was born in 1990. My parents have 4 children and I’m their second child. Like my parents, I’m the breadwinner of my family. I dropped out of school at grade […]

My blue sky

My Dad was a construction architect and his job provided us with a comfortable life. My family’s life just went on quietly. Until one day, one day that no one ever wanted. My Mom had a motorcycle accident. Both my paternal and maternal families as well as my Dad ran in vain to find ways […]

Beloved Father

Dedicated to those who still have their fathers, who lost their fathers, who are living near and far from their fathers   Whirling sky, land and my broken heart When hearing you passed away Leaving me here in this spacious world Lonely wandering in the cover of dark. In a moment, memories rush in Beloved […]

Home Away from Home: The Da Nang Alumni Cafe

Thanks to the ingenuity of three REACH graduates, REACH students and alumni in Da Nang now have a place where they can gather outside the classroom. The founders of the aptly named Alumni Café—Hue, Thoai, and Lai—opened shop on March 6, and have been using the skills that they learned in their vocational training courses—including […]

Personal Story: The Birthday Party

Through this blog, we are proud to present you with first-hand accounts of experiences that have impacted the lives of REACH students and alumni. The following story was written by former REACH student Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang and has been translated into English so that we could share it with all of you. Hang was […]